The social media link in bio

Most social media channels make it simple to include links in your bio. LinkedIn allows you to link to your employer’s official page; Twitter offers the option to tag other handles in your bio. Facebook also provides a way of tagging interest pages, businesses and other people in your “About” section.

Instagram is the most complex when it comes to the link in bio, and the most common place you’ll see this phrase used. Instagram posts don’t allow for links. Though you can post links with your captions, the URLs won’t be clickable, meaning your customers or followers need to copy and paste the content instead. Instead, individual Instagram posts often direct users to the link in bio.

Instagram only allows for a single link in your bio, as well as a handful of hashtags. Brands with a business profile may also include buttons for “Directions”, “Call” and “Email” – but they won’t have as much creative freedom as they would with their bio link. This means that choosing your link in bio carefully for Instagram is particularly essential. Outlets with a variety of content or products to promote may use a tool that leads users from the single bio link to a page with multiple links to choose from.

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