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LyncMe let you to handle many branded & business links and bring them all into one Extensions. Extensions are dynamic links can manage all your affiliate programs, products and more.

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Make dynamic powerful links
For your business

Lead your customers to Extensions® and ease all your conversions.

Lead all your coming traffic by creating dynamic links such as your affiliate, referral programs or even for your online store. You can categorize all your possible links into one Extension and get ride of all other shorten services. Make you dynamic Extension and send your audiences to it, easily and quickly.

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Here is a quick example of Extensions®

Learn more how the Extensions work and make your links flexible
You should make one Extension and lead your desired traffic to it.
Use Extensions for your collections, affiliate programs or categorize your customers
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How do you increase leads
Get ride of ugly long URLs

Put troubles away about links changes
in your store, your business or website

You can make unlimited dynamic links and share them with relevant variables
Make your affiliate programs dynamic and ease your business website traffic
without concering to make one by one

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