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Activate Your LyncTag

Welcome to LyncTag family. Here you can read the required instruction to activate your LyncTag. If you did not purchase yet, you may go to the online store and order your own LyncTag now. If you already ordered your LyncTag, here is the instruction that you can activate it in some simple ways.


There are two ways to activate your LyncTag:


Your dashboard:

1- Login to your account via lync.me/login
2- Click on dots on right corner to open the user menu
3- Click on My LyncTag link
4- You will see a form that you can enter your LyncTag activation code.
5- Enter the code and press Active button
6- You are all set, your LyncTag is now active.



1- Open up the package and remove the cover
2- Scan the tag by your phone
3- If you are not logged in, then log in to your account.
3- You will be redirected to a page like lync.me/lynctag/activate/XE4354375843
4- Here make sure your LyncTag activation code is correct
5- Click on Active button 
6- You are all set, your LyncTag is now active.


After you activate your LyncTag, you can do more settings, like controlling the destination page once your audiences or friends scan your LyncTag. You can set any custom URL or website or simply, select My profile as the final destination. Then users will see your profile at the end.


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