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Today, every business needs a website to introduce its products and services so that it can communicate more widely with its customers. Online stores have become more popular than ever before as corona disease has become less common in the past two years. Designing a site that suits your business is simple, but time consuming and costly. Platforms like LyncMe provide you with a site with special features that has all the positive items of a complete and comprehensive site at the lowest cost and in the least amount of time. As you know, if a site introduces all your products and allows you to book your services for the customer, but does not visually attract your customer, the audience will not spend much time on your site and he chooses the product of  your competing business .
Every business should pay attention to the fact that in addition to the excellent quality of the products, they can display them as beautifully as they really are, in order to convince the customer to choose your brand for their business.
With these in mind, the LyncMe platform provides a micro-site for its audience so that every business can provide its products and services with excellent and unique quality to its users.
To start and build your micro site, all you have to do is log in to the LyncMe platform, and after entering your business profile, it's time to start designing the visual effects of your site.
To do this, enter the Appearence tab, from the Choose Theme section, which consists of four popular site themes, choose one according to your taste and according to your type of business. Then select your brand acronym from the Choose Font menu. Then, from the Colors menu, select the colors related to each section, and finally select the new feature that we have assigned to the cover, which can give a special beauty to your micro-site background.
To do this, select the desired background from the Free Background Style or PRO Background Style section, and then you can have it in the background section of your site.
we have added feature to the site so far are very useful for brands that do not want to put a cover photo so as not to involve their audience in a particular background photo.
Finally, you can choose your button style in the Button Style section and give a unique beauty to your widget boxes.
Designing such a site is very welcome compared to sites that you want to spend a lot of time designing, because you can change all the design features of your site from time to time to diversify your site.

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