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Change your email and profile settings

You can change the initial information of your profile using the following method:

First, confirm your email and then go to the settings page.

 If this is the first time you have entered the settings page, you will be asked to select three of the desired categories. This number can be more than at least three.

 We collect this information to display and improve your workspace, dashboard, and user profile.

 You'd better choose the three closest branches to your taste, then press the Save button and you'll be able to see the settings page.


On the settings page, you can make a limited number of settings for your profile.

You can enter a biography or a location to display your profile on this page.

Note that your name, as well as the username, will be editable through this page. If you want to change your email, you can do so by changing the email field. Note that if your email has been approved and re-entered. Change your email until your new email confirms that your profile will be disabled

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