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Link click-through reports and analytics

Reports and above that data in today's world play a key role in creating and competing in businesses from small to large

Data and data analysis are two very important factors in the success of businesses. Any action in the world of business and commerce will fail if it cannot be based on accurate reports and data analysis.

Many businesses ignore or may easily overlook this very important factor if you have to spend a lot of time on each piece of data to know your business and your research strategies, how they work and then you will find their taste and try to compose your business in more channels that will attract more users to your business and increase sales of your product.

Data analysis is so important that it covers a large part of all Internet and services and online platforms available on the Internet.

We on LyncMe, try to monitor the reports section every day and improve them in the best possible way so that you can have a very comprehensive analysis of the behavior of your users, your audience or your customers regarding the links you share with them.

Link reports will only be available to premium users, and we believe that these reports are more important for business use, so you need to upgrade your account to have access to activity reports on your links. 

In the report section, you will receive important information for each link separately, how many users have clicked on your links, and where the geographical location of most customers can be.

You can also access graphical statistics in the reports section and see what percentage of your site and what social network or social network your audience was from.

To access the reports section, you can click on the chart icon below each link. This way you will get the perfect tool from the full report of that link. Reports include location, browser, input channel, and device used by users

Reports are very important and vital for solving the service of the inevitable part. We always working on this part, but we welcome what you might suggest, and if you need more access to the reports section and want to have accurate statistics on the customer activity definition of the users you direct to the profile page, be sure to comment. Share your thoughts with us

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