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The domain name or URL is what people type into their browser address line to find your website. Custom domains boost your credibility and help to build up your brand. When you connect a domain to LyncMe, Users can enter your custom URL into their web browser to visit your online Profile.
The method you use to connect your domain determines who hosts your domain's DNS records. They're also used to route your domain's email, create subdomains, verify ownership, and more.
Here you can connect your domain to your profile easily. You need to enter your own domain name here and follow the instruction to connect your domain to your main profile page.
LyncMe has provided conditions for you to use this feature in your LyncMe profile.
is a very common question for anyone just getting started in the world of domains, hosting, and websites. And now we tell you how to Register a Brand New Domain Name:
To get your own domain name you should follow the next steps:
1- Buy a domain name
Check up domain availability and register a new domain from a reliable registrar. Bluehost is one of the best ways to get a free domain.
2- Set up a domain name
Find the DNS zone of the domain and add an A-type record pointed to the IP address
3- Assign a domain name to LyncMe
Now, after creating the LyncMe profile, enter the "Developer Settings" tab, and in the Connect Your "Domain section", type the new domain in the LyncMe Settings Domain.

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