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Create a video widget

Sometimes a video is so high a priority for us at a time that we decide to upload it in a space that is accessible to all our users.
LyncMe allows you to put as many videos as you need to introduce your brand in your profile.
These places are only possible by activating a video widget. Just create your profile and complete your brand information.
Then on the first page of your profile in the side menu, select the  "+New Block" option.
After opening the page "+New Block", select the video widget.
On that page, select the link you want by entering the name you intended for your video. After saving the widget, it will be created that you can embed the display location in your profile according to your taste. The good news is that there are no restrictions on making a video widget, and you can create countless video widgets for your brand and get your users to comment so you can better promote your brand.

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