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Your own branded custom domain for redirect links

The URL of redirect links may long, or you may not want to be named at all in LyncMe you share with your users and contacts. We will give you the opportunity to connect your own branded domains for this purpose. Add your own branded domain to your account so that all the links that will be registered directly in your dashboard will also be available through your domain.

You will also need to send additional parameters to your domain when you need to send them to your domain after the title of your dedicated link, and be sure that these parameters will be sent to the final page along with the user's request.

If you want the links you generate and share with your official domain for users, this feature is provided for you in the league. You can do this by adding your own domain as a dedicated domain in the user panel. Give them a profile so they don't see your profile in this team and refer directly to the page of each link. Adding a dedicated domain to the user portal is only possible for Interface users. If you want to add a domain to your user panel, you must first create an account. Upgrade to Enterprise than from Q. Add your dedicated domain's developer settings. In the same section, you can see a description of how to register a domain. Note that it may take up to 48 hours after making changes to the DNS settings.

We have also made it possible for domain names to be registered for free on LyncMe as a special offer for users who order an Enterprise account for one year.

The offer is limited and LyncMe reserves the right to cancel or discontinue these works at any time.

To register a domain, do the following: First, create an account for your company or brand, and then confirm your email, then change your account to Enterprise, and then go to the developer settings section.

There, enter the domain name you want in the Custom Domain section

Then click the Register option and wait up to 48 hours for the changes to take place. After 48 hours, all your redirect links will be available through your dedicated domain, and if the user clicks on that link, they will be given directly to the page alone.

Reports for dedicated domains can also be tracked, and you can see a full report of your users' activity even when you share dedicated links with your domain in your user panel and reports section.

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