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Delete Your Account

We are sorry that you decided you delete your account from LyncMe. Before doing this action we would ask you to let us know what is the problem and we will do our best to help you to solve any possible issue unless your decision is final and you would delete your account. Please first read the terms and conditions and then press the button to delete your account from LyncMe. Please also be noted this action cannot be undone.

Please follow these steps to delete your account:
1 - Login into your account
2 - Make sure you take a backup of all your contents and links
3 - Go to Account Security from the sidebar.
4 - Scroll down until you see the Delete your account section
5 - Click on button and Delete your account

Also you should be aware that you cannot make a new account with same email after deleting your account for 1 months after that. We have to do this to avoid spammy users.

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