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Delete, disable or invisible your profile links

You can deactivate or delete all your profile links at any time. Note that deleting a link will cause it to be completely removed from your profile for access, so it's time to do so. Do what you are sure you don't need anymore.


 If you don't want the link to be unavailable but still need references and reports, it's a good idea to disable or disable it.


To delete a link, you can proceed in two ways. First, click the option to delete the link to the icon associated with it, and then by confirming the removal of the link, you can see that it is completely removed from your profile.

 Note that deleting a link from a profile will cause all records related to that link to be removed from the database, for example, reports related to it will no longer be available.


The second option is to use the tools of a link from the drop-down menu to select the last option and completely remove the link and related reports from your profile.


If you are still unsure about deleting a link and general information, it's best to disable it and try to remove the link when you're sure you don't need it anymore.

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