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Display a background image as your profile background

You can change your user profile in two parts of the image. First, go to the settings section, then click on the camera icon and select the image you want to be better than the image in square dimensions to have the best display in your profile.


 After you upload the image you want, you need to press the save button.

 If you want to delete the desired image, click on the recording option in the same section and make sure that the completely deleted image has been replaced with the default image.


You can also try to change your image there if you go to your profile. This is possible for you, just select the new image you want and all the changes will be applied.

If you want to delete this image, you must first go to your user panel, then in the settings section, click on the recording option in your avatar section and save the applied settings.

You can also make changes to your profile page background, so you can apply your own color instead of the default color or images, or a full-screen image of whatever you want. Set to display.

 Of course, this is not possible for free users, and to access this feature, you must first upgrade your account to a premium.

After you have upgraded your account, you can select the full-screen image you want to be displayed in your profile by going to your profile page and selecting the camera icon at the top left of the screen.

You can do this indefinitely and after selecting the best image you want, click on the check option to save that image in the system.

After that, the image you want will be displayed in the background behind all your links for everyone. Note that to delete this image, you must act directly through your profile by logging in to your profile. Under the camera button, press the cross option to have the desired image uploaded from your profile page, which is irreversible, and if you delete the image, you will have to reload it from your computer on the profile page to be displayed.

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