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Edit or modify a link title or URL

If a link or title is entered incorrectly that you want to change the title or content of a link after registration, this will be easily possible on all platforms and you do not need to go to another page to do so. See the same link on the page, click on the title, edit it, and in another part of the keyboard, the system will automatically cool the applied changes. There is no need to press any additional buttons.

You can do the following to make changes

First, find the link you want to change, click on the title or content of the link, change the parameters to the sections that need to be changed, then click the mouse pointer on the computer or on the screen elsewhere in mobile mode.

The message will be displayed to you stating that your applied changes have been saved. After viewing this message, you can go to the profile page and make sure that your applied changes have been made.

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