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Facebook Pixel ID

Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that lets you measure the impact of your ads by knowing what people are doing on your website.
LyncMe enables users to use the Facebook Pixel by activating the Pro part of their profile. Facebook Pixel lets you make sure your ads are displayed to the right people. Find new customers or people who have visited a particular page or taken positive action on your website.
Have more sales. Set up auto bidding to reach people who may have something else important to you, such as shopping.
Measure the results of your ad. Understand the impact of your ads by measuring what people see when they view them.
 And now I tell you how to create Facebook pixels
1-Log in to Facebook and go to your Ads Manager account.
2-Go to the events manager.
3-Click Connect Data Sources and select Web.
4-Select Facebook Pixel and click Connect.
5-Add your Pixel name.
6-Enter your LyncMe URL to explore easy installation options.
Click Continue.
Add Facebook pixels to your LyncMe
Once you have created the pixels, you are ready to put the Facebook pixel code in your LyncMe. To do this, log in to your LyncMe profile and then Copy this code, and go into the "Developer setting" section and, in "Custom Template" section and paste it into  "Facebook Pixel ID".

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