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Make your first link

Now that you've created your profile, you've confirmed your email. It's time to create your first link. To add a link to your profile, which may be the first one you add to your profile, go to the links section on the dashboard and There you will see a form for adding a link. In the title section, enter the title you want to be displayed on the button, and in the link section, enter a valid link that is to be referenced after the user clicks. Links should be started by web protocols like http:// or https://. Otherwise, LyncMe does not allow you to add that link.

The button will not be displayed on your profile page until you have activated the link in the same section, and if you want only users to refer to the final destination page instead of seeing the link in your profile, you need to enable the redirect option.

To maintain the beauty of the buttons, it is better to choose short titles that are understandable. The links can be as long as they have UTM parameters.

You can add an unlimited number of links to your profile, but they will not be displayed in your profile until you enable them and activate the visible option for them. Status and Visible options for each link are totally different. Active means the link is considered as an active link and once you enable the visible option, then it will have appeared on your profile page too.


An active option is used for redirecting purposes, while the visible option is for displaying a link as a button on your profile page. To better understanding these differences, you may read Redirect option article as well. 

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