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Message Bar is a graphical control element that typically displays an information area at the top of the window.

Its job is primarily to display the important and vital information of your business that you want your audience to see as soon as they enter your profile. This information can include discounts, greetings, product promotions, and important news from your business.
This feature is an important feature for your business because it can be the focus of your audience and increase the efficiency of your brand advertising. LyncMe provides this feature for all their audiences for free so that you can easily share an important part of your information with your users.

To use this feature, all you have to do is create your profile,
then go to the "Business Settings" section and place your important message in the "Advanced Settings" section.

You can also leave this message for Check only if you prefer to hide the profile avatar from the public.
By activating the "Hide your profile avatar for the public option", You make it unavailable to the public.

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