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My Bio won't update

You may be getting an error that states that you have over 500 characters even though you don’t have 500 characters. This is a result of trying to copy and paste text from another source into our Edit Panel.

We don’t currently support copy and paste, so if you are sure that you have less than 500 characters, please try typing your bio directly into the editing box.

Alternatively, you can do this:

  1. Copy text from a third-party source (ie. word, notepad, etc.)
  2. Paste into the URL (command V on mac, control V on PC)
  3. Select all within the URL (command A on mac, control A on PC)
  4. Copy URL text (command C on mac, control C on PC)
  5. Paste into bio editing box (command V on mac, control V on PC)

*Note you’ll have to re-enter your spaces between paragraphs with this option.

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