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Online booking system for all your business needs
Online booking system is one of the most important business experiences that is important and necessary for automated communication, team planning and improving the online customer experience. With online booking services, you can easily schedule your customers' time, make online payments with multiple currencies, continue important business operations, and attract the people who matter most to your business.
Online booking services not only improve the management of your business but also facilitate booking services for your online customers, and not only can you increase the productivity of your employees with the online booking system, but also allow customers to do so at any time. You can book your services 24 hours a day!
To get started and activate your online booking system, you need a site that is very time consuming and costly to design. The LyncMe platform makes it easy for you to activate online booking services for your business at the lowest cost.
By creating a LyncMe profile, you can go to the New Block section and start your online booking service by selecting the online store widgets.
By creating an online store widget, a widget will appear in your dashboard view that you can enter your service by entering the product section, adding the name, service photo, its amount, its introduction summary and finally. Link to enter the payment section. Log in online and fortunately there is no limit to the number of times you can add your products and services. After creating products, you can monitor your audience through the reporting system at the bottom of your product, how you select or book your products.
In the product settings section, you can add unique features to your online booking service, including Business Category. Also, in the Spotlight button section, you can introduce your online booking service in the main part of your profile and where your contact has easy access, and direct your contact to your online booking system by leaving a link.
In addition, in the Advanced Settings section, and in the Message Bar section, you can display the special phrase that you want to share with your audience at the top of your profile, which can be, for example, the amount of discount you have considered in a course,  Write in in this box.

Also, by creating the Open Opening Hours section, you can specify the time of attending your service to avoid additional questions and answers, and you can save energy and productivity of people who have been installed in other sections for this purpose. .
In addition, you can increase the range of information you want to share with your audience by adding your business profile, including phone number, business address, email, and JSON URL comments.

Online store settings
You can easily sell your products, digital items or services by creating a widget that lets you add products. Here you can configure your online store widgets.
1- Your Paypal email address
This email is used when setting up your online store. Customers can purchase your items or services through your profile and pay for them through PayPal. The Buy now button takes customers to the Paypal payment gateway.
2- Currency code
Enter your Paypal 3 Acceptance Code (accepted currency code GBP, EUR or USD) here. Symbols are not allowed.
3- Buy button text
You can change the text of the "Buy Now" button for your online store widgets. If you want to display the default text or enter your own text, leave this field blank, such as: Buy now, Order now, and so on.

Reservation settings
Here you can make the settings needed to book the widget. You may allow people to book your service items directly. Here you can set the required settings for the service item reservation feature.
1. Book the text now
Enter the text of the booking button here or leave it blank to display the default text.
2- The reservation message is successful
This message will be displayed to your customer after each successful booking request. If you want to show the default message, leave it blank.
3- Type of reservation date, time range, single person only, date and time
You can have several different booking dates / times in your booking form. To select a range of dates, use the single date only for the specific date without time, otherwise the default date / time input type is displayed as the default.
4- Service category
If you want to categorize your service items, you can first create categories from here and select them when creating service items.

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