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Sensitive Content Warning & Age Restriction

Starting and growing a personal business has always been exciting. When starting a business, we need to be clear about the purpose of creating it so that we know for what age group and for whom it will work best to optimize the cost and energy of advertising.
Sometimes the purpose and content of the business may be appropriate for certain people, and not only do we need to have other people in our profile, but we do not want to allow them to view this profile, as in some industries and businesses before this idea in meetings and The exhibitions they hold only allow certain people to enter and visit. Because these services are not suitable for everyone, and they want to spend their employees' energy elsewhere instead of responding to trivial matters.

But on social media, we see that in most such businesses, the person has created a profile in the bio section, stating that, for example, people over 18 will have the right to enter the page. But we also know that separating people will not be so easy. In most social media, you can use this feature by restricting people. But the problem is that it is not possible to restrict or block your audience until they have followed you and identified you.

A feature recently added by LyncMe to your audience profiles covers this weakness and allows you to specify the age group or individuals who are allowed to view your profile. This feature not only allows you to have complete control over your audience and only leave your services open to them, but a special offer is that it provides you with the opportunity to spend your entire advertising budget optimally and make sure you spend it in the right place.

Now I'll tell you how on the LyncMe platform you can ensure the privacy, security, and compliance of your content with sensitive content alerts and age-sensitive alerts.

With the Sensitive Content Alert feature, you can enable a cover to display at the top of your profile, which your visitors should accept before viewing your LyncMe content.

Age Restriction
If you set any age restriction, the warning shows your visitors a screen that asks them to acknowledge that they are over the specific age before seeing your LyncMe profile. Otherwise for everyone warning shows your visitors a screen that asks them to acknowledge that the content on your LyncMe profile might be of sensitive nature. Please ensure you enable this if you have adult-related content.

LyncMe has strict community guidelines and uses policies that prohibit the use of the service be used for anything of illegal, adverse security, or spam nature. This feature is not intended to enable this type of content. This feature exists to enable legitimate users and brands using the service that has a legal obligation to warn their visitors or seek their visitor's acknowledgment prior to viewing their content.

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