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Team, private and password-protected profiles

It may have happened to you that you sometimes want to share a link with your co-workers or teammates with a username and password, and instead of spending a lot of time finding them, you put them all together, keep it somewhere and share it with them.


Profiles in LyncMe are not only public, but you can access your account and private group accounts by upgrading your account.

After upgrading your account to Premium, you will be able to create a group and private group accounts and share links that you only want to be visible to teammates. Private profiles like public profiles have a username. Searching for your co-workers or teammates can be searched through the usernames that you add to the list of people who have access to this profile.



Or you may even have multiple links that you want to save all in one place except for one of your Internet browser brands that have the ability to save your username and password.

For this purpose, a link allows you to define one for each good in your profile, and whenever you click on those links on your profile page, what you do may contain vital information that you may not use if you do not use me. Spend a lot of time finding them


Profiles in LyncMe can be hidden, which means you can create a team profile or a private profile, and without worrying that the profile can be indexed on the Internet or in search engines, you can privatize it only when you log into an account. Use it to access it. This way you can save all the desired links along with the username and password or even other vital information that needs to be stored in one place.

You can also share private profiles with your friends or colleagues, or even set a password for a profile. You can share your colleagues and friends with whom you want to access that private profile as teammates or as a group. Add this page without worrying that the profile may be public on the Internet, only you and your colleagues or those who have a profile password but will not be able to access it.

To do this, follow these steps

Create a profile and change the display mode from the public to private in the settings section

Add the links you need to the page

For each link, enter a special note in the note section

For a profile, you can choose a username that is free

Your profile will only be accessible through a username or after logging in

Now all you have to do is share your profile username with your friends and colleagues and add their email as a teammate.

You can edit or delete a team that has access to a private profile at any time.

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