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Testimonials & Feedbacks Widget

A successful business needs user feedback on its services and products to be seen more. The higher the user feedback, the more space this provides for other users to be confident.
"LyncMe" allows you to gain the trust of your other users by adding your users' comments to your profile.
To do this, first, enter the "LyncMe" page and after creating your profile, you can use this feature.
In the dashboard tab, click the plus option at the bottom of the main page and enter the testimonial option.
Then choose the right name for your user feedback. By clicking on the add Widget option, your testimonial with the unique name you selected is created on the main page. By clicking on the setting option, you can enter your user information and comments and click the save option. Fortunately, there are no restrictions on entering user comments, and you can create endless comments from your users on the main page.

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