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Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Today, in the communication era, one of the most important concerns is the problems arising from hackers and information disclosure. Therefore, the owners of service prioritize ways to protect their users’ information and personal security because the higher the security of the site in terms of protecting users ’information is, the more successful the site is in providing services and making users’ trust.

LyncMe can address users' concerns regarding data disclosure by introducing a new unique feature called Two-factor authentication (2FA). So in this blog, we want to elaborate on what is two-factor authentication (2FA), its uses, and how can it be used.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a way to authenticate a user and secure an account. 2FA is a security process consisting of two factors by which authenticates the user. Two-factor authentication protects against phishing and ruthless attacks of passwords, and you can log in a safe way.

2FA works very simply because it asks you to enter the type of code that is provided to you. This, commonly called a "one-time password" or TOTP, is essentially a token sent to you to log in as a user. The way of using this feature is by creating your account in LyncMe, and using the setting account section. Then in the Two-Factor Authentication section, you can click Enable 2FA Authentication.

Note that you should sync the account with which you want to authenticate to specific software. In this case, you need to use software such as Google Authenticator or Authy.

Then, after connecting to the LyncMe account and activating the Enable 2FA Authentication option, Scan the barcode with your Google Authenticator App and sync your LyncMe profile to the Google Authenticator software by entering the Authenticator Code.

After that, every time you log in, a request will be sent to your authentication program using that secret key. Your authenticator function then verifies this secret key to generate a code, which is usually a 6-character alphabetical number.

When you enter that code into the site where you are logged, that site compares the code you filled in and the code sent to it by the authentication program to ensure they are the same. If both codes are the same, you will be logged in.

These two factors help you to protect your information and do not allow anyone except you to access your information.

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