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LyncMe gives you this power to use potential of your social networks as much as possible and conenct them to each others
— Share more than one link in your Linkedin profile and increase your audiences engagements!
— Link individual Linkedin posts to all your other articles, websites, videos & more
— Add multiple links to one Linkedin profile
— Ensure your audiences and your followers can find what they are looking for while scrolling through your LyncMe profile

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First, make your profile on LyncMe and add your personalized link to your linkedin profile and share it with your followers and audiences

Schedule For Links
Schedule posting or availablity of your links. Modify links and make them visible only for specifiec time for your goals.

Traffic, Sales and Leads
Follow and track behaviors of your linkedin's followers who clicked on your links and analyses how they engaged with your programs, links and sales

More contents For your followers
Let your linkedin audiences to follow more than a link, a webpage or a link. Let them access several contents, products or other your social profiles

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Supercharge Bio Link on Your linkedin Profile

Bio link on your social media is a the best place that people, individials, organizations, influencers and brands can share essential information about themselves. The bio may contain details about the nature of the business, what it sells and contact information.
This links is only clickable URL that visitors use to visit what you deem to be your most valuable online real-estate. For some it’s a product page, for others it’s a landing page or even your other social links, all together.
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