Hey! 👋 We're Lync—Me

One goal, one team & a lot of ideas!

LyncMe is one our most favorited projects & we really like it. The main idea came to our mind when we had many issues to find a place for managing all pro or daily activities.

LyncMe was created by Mohammad and Andrew in 2021 in Tallinn, Estonia. With more than 10 years of shared experience in the IT and web industry between them, the two were well aware of many problems for small businesses: having a simple easy-manageable professional profile.

Team of


We are small but motivated.
Founded in


We launched the beta version in May 2020, however we're going to make this a lot of better, more functional & we are seeing it's growing, fast enough.
Got funding


Not yet, consdering options, we're choosing to growth hack our way.
Growing every month


Might be slow, but we are growing & having new users acroess the world using our solution.
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