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Booking system for your LyncMe profiles

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Booking system for your LyncMe profiles

Undoubtedly, teeth are one of the main pillars of every human body, which in addition to the beauty it gives to the face, makes it easy for you to touch and eat your favorite foods. However, some people do not consider the value and attention they should pay to it and do not pay attention to it until they feel pain in their tooth area. According to experts, people who think they can not get rid of dental problems should see a specialist dentist once every 6 months because the rest of their teeth may gradually decay without their knowledge.
If you are a dentist and have a large number of patients, you may want to consider possible ways to provide better services and attract new clients. Installing a booking system is one of the first steps you can take to ensure that your #business is moving in the right direction. Viewers' online booking #system helps you do your job with less efficiency and stress. Here are some of the benefits.

1. Makes booking appointments easy
With the online booking system, appointment scheduling becomes one piece. Almost anyone familiar with computers or mobile devices can easily access your website and make an appointment to brush their teeth. But since designing a site can be costly and time-consuming for you, we offer you the LyncMe #platform, which you can easily enter by providing your services in New #Block Services, allowing your patients to easily book your service.

2. Online reservation available to all
Imagine doing things whenever you want. No time limit and no stress. This kind of life is customer enthusiasm. They want to trade with you whenever they want. An optical online booking system offers customers the opportunity to do so. They can easily select the service they want by simply logging in to your LyncMe platform and book their desired time by completing their personal details. No matter what time of day it is, customers can visit your website and book their time in minutes. People do not have to wait until office hours to call and schedule a meeting with you.

3. Reduces phone hours
Having a better part of the day than you or your #employees talking to a customer on the phone can reduce productivity at work. When you stick to manually booking appointments, your business may suffer in the long run. With the online booking method, you can specify not only the type of service but also all booking services per day and hour so that your patients can book their time without even the slightest face-to-face contact.

4- Allows you to make activate #reservations system between all your social profiles
LyncMe creates a space where you can group all your social profiles into one link and one page. At the same time, it is possible for your customers, including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., to link to your LyncMe platform and be able to easily book the desired time and type of service. One of the best features of LyncMe is that you can easily gather all the users of your social profiles in one place.
5- Gives you more control
Scheduling appointments allow you to have little control over the customers who want your services. When they call to book an #appointment, you can only accept their reservations if you are present to answer their calls. If you missed their calls, some of them may not be patient enough to call back a second time or even wait for you to call again. They may quickly choose other professional services that are recommended to them. However, with the online booking system, existing customers and potential customers can book an appointment at any time, and you can accept, reject or modify any #booking.
Well, I give you the good news that the #Lyncme platform, by adding a new booking feature, allows its users to easily save their services in different categories and give their users these possibilities that can be easily set up. your users can reserve the specified day and time of the paid services. We are with you to keep your focus on your success and provide you with any tools you need along the way. Stay tuned for our other good news #blogs.

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