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Communication skills are an effective way to attract customers

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Communication skills are an effective way to attract customers

Whether you are in a personal business or a large company, communications can help you achieve your goals and success.
According to the Carnegie Institution of Technology, only 15% of financial success comes from technical knowledge or skills. Forbes reports that another 85% of a person's ability to communicate effectively, negotiate and lead.

Communication helps a lot not only in the success of work but also in advancing life. The good news is that communication skills are not inherent, and you can acquire them through effective communication exercises. In this blog, we will remind you of some strategies to strengthen communication in the workplace.

1- Learn listening skills.
Do not neglect body language skills. Body language skills are one of the most effective ways to communicate. Because listening properly not only strengthens communication, but a study found that 55% of how listeners perceive a speaker is body language. Similarly, active listening plays an important role in understanding what one is saying, Wilkinson said. Listening to the other person not only makes him more interested in the discourse, but also shows the respect and courtesy of listening to you more justifiably and a respectful person who plays an important role in attracting the audience to you.

2- Increase your verbal communication.
In the world of communication where our conversations are hidden between text messages and emails, increase your speaking skills so that you can fascinate others when you are in front of the podium. Speech skills are a practicable skill, so whether you are in a small group or in a large company, try to be the best you can be and act the best you can. Part of the development of this skill is practice, Wilkinson said, and knowing what you want to say, preparing how to say it, and eliminating things that distract the listener from the main points will be eliminated.

3- Reinforce your speech on the back of the phone.
Another tool for business success is having telecommunications skills. Today, the telephone is no longer used only for making phone calls, but is one of the most important tools in conversation and communication, which has replaced the text messaging system. "The person on the other end of the phone can't see your expression or read an emoticon, so it's important to pay attention to the tone of your voice," says Wilkinson. Whether you want to talk to a client or a colleague, you need to be respectful and polite in the tone of your voice.
You need to be well aware of how to keep calm and respond calmly when a customer or dissatisfied person is behind the phone. This is a skill that can only be acquired through practice. And it is your specialty that as a telephone user or customer satisfaction affairs you can hear and understand the story of a dissatisfied customer. The success of your business depends on your patient and respectful attitude towards dissatisfied customers so that you can attract them back to your business.

4. Remind people of their positive points.
Another effective point in successful communication is to remember the positive points of the other party, which can create intimacy and a positive spirit in the other party at the beginning of communication. If you are in a relationship with a customer or even people close to you, this is one of the most effective ways to communicate intimately with the other party. To begin with, practice and try to notice the smallest positive items of people close to you in your life so that you gradually become accustomed to practicing as a habit.

With these items, you can take an effective step in communicating with your business customer and attract more customers to your business with communication skills.

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