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One page and one link, instead of all social media

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One page and one link, instead of all social media

Today, due to the spread of social media and the spread of the audience according to their tastes among these social media, it is difficult to compete and promote the brand. To enter this age, you need to be active on all social media and push all social profiles in one direction. In the past, media such as Facebook were more popular with the general public around the world, but now platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn have become more popular due to the changing tastes of the audience. But there is also the point that the audience demand will vary depending on the type of industry. The Instagram platform is used for the clothing and food industries due to the display of more products and services, and the LinkedIn platform is more about business and knowledge. In the meantime, it should be noted that to enter this tumultuous global competition market, you must determine the purpose of creating your brand. Setting clear goals helps you direct your decisions and actions in a way that helps you achieve that goal. What does it mean? When you know what you want to achieve, you make your choices and actions subject to that goal - it helps you make better decisions, be more effective and faster.
And once you set the main goal, you can set up separate steps that - step by step - bring you closer to achieving it. This way, you will create an action plan. And as you probably know, planned business activities are always better than chaotic and unorganized decisions.

Now we want to help you in this way so that you can introduce your brand in the best way in this tortuous path.
With LyncMe, we want to simplify everything by proposing a "one content for all content" strategy. For each website, instead of having different URLs on each operating system, submit all social profile URLs with a single page. Our feedback is that generating fewer types of URLs will benefit you by preventing optimal and low-performance results. It can also help manage unwanted bandwidth usage.

By generating only one URL for the same content, you have the advantage that, you have more ranking signals coming to this URL. And this will increase your site ranking in browsers, especially useful for large websites.

Now that you have a URL for each part of your content, how do you optimize your website for different operating systems?

As we said, by integrating all the social media URLs of your brand, you can easily increase the traffic of your mini-site in browsers and increase the ranking of your site.
Using the superior features of LyncMe, such as the Domain system, helps you retain your old customers and find you in the browsers with the same brand they have known for a long time, and in addition to increasing the site ranking, they can Easily enter your site.
We do not recommend changing everything immediately. We recommend that you think twice about your future strategies and see if a "one URL for each content" strategy can improve your SEO. As mentioned, it may make sense to keep selected URLs for specific purposes, but you still need to manage those URLs. By making all your URLs online and available, you encourage the search engine to list all the extra content and bypass the information to find out what it's worth and what it's worth. After doing this, you can see the volume of audience input to your site URL with the Google Analysis system. URL optimization not only grows your site but also helps you see all of your audience in one complete set so you can plan more fully and comprehensively for them later.

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