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What is LyncTag?

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What is LyncTag?

In the age of electronics and technology, despite all the advances we see in today's world, the world behind the screens of our phones, giving business cards to our brand customers is not very compatible with today's world, and your audience may be all Know your services and your brands are far from technology and technology. This judgment is not pleasant for your brand. They need to know that your business is moving at the same pace as technology advances.
In addition, your audience may accept business cards because of their loyalty to your business, but so far you have been thinking about how long these business cards can be kept in the hands of your audience. Sometimes your audience may leave your business card in a corner after getting it. This is not a happy picture at all, because your business card left on the street, at a pedestrian crossing, etc., calls into question your business.
Sometimes the audience may be very loyal to your business, but after a while it loses the small card among its devices, which causes it to lose your business information, and after a while in the highly competitive global market, it encourages another business. Be.

Now I have to say that today the business card is a dull device that not all customers with the current state of viruses and diseases are willing to accept. Instead, you can use new methods and technologies to connect your business with your audience. Given that we can not ignore the importance of business cards in advancing business goals, we must consider, business cards, especially if custom-designed to grow your business in a unique way, can be a marketing tool and Cheap referrals operate.

Today, LyncMe platform has taken a big step in this direction by providing a new way to improve the introduction of business as well as communication with the audience. LyncTag is a small object built for this purpose and you can buy it for a small fee. This small cost is amazing instead of the exorbitant cost of designing and producing a business card.
LyncTag provides a feature that you can easily install on the back of your phone or wherever it is most accessible to you and your audience, and your audience can easily access your link page just by holding their electronic device close to it. And use all the information you give them.
This feature not only covers the disadvantages of the business card but also provides an opportunity for you to display several social media links, your personal brand site, online order link, etc. for your audience to suit their needs. They use.

Sometimes after connecting to the tag, we may need to direct our audience to a specific site. The good news is that this tag can be used for any purpose you have in mind. You can easily sync this tag to your desired site, for example, the purchase and order link so that your audience can easily buy the product they want by connecting to it.

Why LyncTag?

1- Compatibility with the advancement of technology
Today, the use of old business cards is not popular even with the best design and design, and due to the epidemic of global diseases, the use of business cards is not recommended. With its advanced technology, LyncTag replaces the business card and shows your audience that it is moving at the same time as your business technology.

2- Low cost compared to the old business card
In the past, as soon as you started a business and advertising, designing and producing a business card was on the initial agenda. Since a business card was only for one audience, many business cards had to be produced to be used to promote a brand. This cost a lot of money when starting a business, and sometimes it had to be repeated over and over again to make a profit, which over time would cost a business a lot. LyncTag covers all the disadvantages of a business card and can provide just as much return for your business for just a small price.

3- Introducing all your products and all social media with just one LyncTag
Linking LyncTag to your link page or any page you are looking for will allow the audience to benefit from all of your business information and get to know all of your products by entering the link page. Also, because LyncTag is portable, you can identify your audience anywhere and attract them to the business by connecting them to the site.

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