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This is just the start of the creating unique LyncMe features

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This is just the start of the creating unique LyncMe features

We take a big step towards creating new services to create new tools and features for brands, businesses and manufacturers and to be able to take steps to introduce our businesses.

When we created Lyncme, our focus was on being able to solve a small part of the problems we encountered on social media. But we did not stop here. Instead, we believed every day that we could solve all the problems of users in connection with social networks and be able to improve the quality of introducing jobs and products.

We know our community - brands, manufacturers, businesses, artists, activists, publishers, entrepreneurs, influencers, individual companies and many more - so we can build tools for them to be the best and most complete people on the Internet. They inspired us to take LyncMe from a side project to a business.

And now, two years later, we'm glad to bring you LyncMe News. During this time, we thought about how to update LyncMe features to minimize problems for users and brand owners in introducing their services. Initially, we created a mini-site for users who can introduce their business at the lowest cost, and in this platform, they can get everything they want from their business to their users in the form of various real links. Display, and redirect them to all your social profiles through a page of your users.

Where are we standing?
But we are proud to share the unique features of LyncMe with you. We move fast to provide you with what you have not yet encountered on social media. We have always tried to move ahead of the rest.

Features like SEO that help you grow your business in global browsers and increase your platform ranking every second. Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for the success of any online business. Without the right SEO strategy for your business web pages, search engine rankings may decline. Finally, you may lose a great presence on the Internet.

LyncMe lets you customize your analytics code like google analytics and Facebook pixels to track your audience behavior and traffic with the keywords Meta and Meta Description. This process is to improve your site for search engines.

But the best feature we have just unveiled is the online booking system feature. Online booking system is one of the most important business experiences that is important and necessary for automated communication, team planning and improving the online customer experience. With online booking services, you can easily schedule your customers' time, make online payments with multiple currencies, continue important business operations, and attract the people who matter most to your business.

We strive around the world to provide you with the best platform to promote your business. And we are committed to helping you meet your needs in this way. We are very grateful that we are a layer that our society shows its digital identity to the world. We have always been faithful to our obsession with solving complex problems and doing it in the simplest way possible.

Where next?
We will adhere to our ethics in providing better and unique features in the age of the global market and we promise you that we will provide you with our think tank before you need services. We will continue to grow our team - a group of like-minded and intelligent people, whom I am very proud to call my colleagues - globally ahead of the rest. And finally, we are proud to announce loudly that we put people first.

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