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Why digital marketing is important to your business

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Why digital marketing is important to your business

Today, with the expansion of the age of communication, the use of electrical devices has become more and more used every day. Interestingly, Internet usage among adults has increased by 5% in the last three years. This means that offline sales are not as popular and effective as they used to be. And businesses that operate offline and online at the same time have become more popular. However, online sales alone have been very popular in the last few years due to the coronavirus, and many people have started their own businesses during this period.

Therefore, the issue of digital marketing has received more attention in the last few years than before.


What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing means using the Internet to improve the process of introducing and selling your business services and products. Businesses use digital channels such as search engines, social media, websites to improve the performance of their business and customer relationship.


But why is digital marketing so important to your business?

Digital marketing helps you identify your customers across the internet and strengthen your relationships with them. In addition, you can benefit more from traditional ads, and increase the chances of your audience seeing these ads on all your social profiles.


Digital marketing offers more benefits to your business, including:


1- Search engine optimization (SEO)

 SEO is the process of optimizing the content, technical settings, and accessibility of your website, so that your pages appear at the top of search engine results for a specific set of keywords. The content optimization system makes it easy for your audience to find your business in search engines when a keyword is relevant to your business. Using key content, you can use SEO to dramatically increase the perspective and build a lasting relationship with the customer. SEO is defined as the increase of a website's ranking in online search results and as a result the organic traffic of its site using popular keywords and phrases. With SEO you can easily increase your site traffic.


2- You can identify your customers and personalize your ads for them

 In traditional methods, it was not possible to activate your ads only for your customers so that anyone could see your ads and you had no control over this. But with the use of digital marketing, you can give a filter to your ads and only your audience will be able to see your ads. Not only is this effective for optimizing your business financially but you can also provide more effective advertising to your audience.


3- Get ahead of other businesses with digital marketing

In the last few years, those who run their business with digital marketing systems have made significant progress compared to other businesses due to the prevailing conditions in the world. Once you set up your small business, you will find it difficult to compete with the major brands in your industry in the global competitive market, many of which have millions of dollars invested in TV commercials or global campaigns. Fortunately, there are many opportunities to compete with big businesses and brands with digital marketing that you can easily overtake.


4. Identify new customers.

With digital marketing, you can add new customers to your business customer club list. With effective social media marketing, you can add a lot of customers to your campaign. It is usually difficult for a loyal audience to find and follow your small business on social media and eventually become your regular customer. But with the effective promotion of influencers who occasionally display their favorite products or services, you can easily add a huge influx of audience to your customer club - if you work as a small and medium company, this can be Be a good way to check. Also, using valuable hashtags and content on social media, you can invite the audience to your keywords to your site.


5- Using professional profiles

In the age of communication and when most of your audience is spread across social media, professional profiles help you to direct all your audience to one page and one link. This not only allows you to have all your audiences on one page and target ads to them, but you can also increase your professional profile ranking by inserting all your social media links on one page. LyncMe provides these conditions for you to have your professional profile with unique features at the lowest cost.

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