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How to double site traffic with SEO technique.

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How to double site traffic with SEO technique.

Today, one of the concerns in the global business market is the increase in search engine traffic results. To this end, the SEO system (search engine optimization) monitors the overall performance of your site precisely, sets goals based on what you have designed for your website, and finally implements techniques to achieve those goals.
Find ways to increase your website traffic, organize ads for improving your business and sell your business products. Some suggestions regarding how to affect search engines for your site are elaborated below.

1-    Share famous sentences
As expected, your site may not receive considerable results in search engines at the beginning of a business. For this purpose, it is a perfect way to improve search engine results by sharing speeches of famous and expert people in your business. In this way, after search engines' identifying a famous and repetitive sentence, shows your business site in the highest search results, and attracts users to your business.

2-    Use the backlink technique.

Another effective way to increase a site's ranking in search engines is using backlinks. You can easily increase the traffic of your business site in search engines by sharing your content and blogs on the most visited sites and giving keywords backlinks to your site. Some of these sites that allow you to publish your blog with a backlink system would be Medium, Quora, LinkedIn, etc. By doing such an approach, you will see significant changes in the search results after a while.

3-    Find what your audience wants
The search engine system is so advanced that the user can be redirected to several pages and get the result just by typing the desired sentence in the browser. So share content, videos and photos regarding your users’ desires on your business site in order that your site would be considered in first search engine results.

4-    Compatible with mobile
Pay attention to the fact that the version of your site on the phone works properly. Search engines like Bing and Google use the mobile version as one of the important SEO algorithms. Mobile version sites are automatically higher than non-mobile sites. Today, it is very rare for a user to sit at a computer and browse on the internet for something. Users usually choose the easier way, which is to work with the phone. When your site comes up in search results, it illustrates that your phone version is working properly.

5-    Use precision labels
Another factor in increasing site traffic is using rich content tags on your site. Search engines are usually very sensitive to titles, which means titles play an important role in the ranking of your site in search engines. As a business manager, you should try to choose content that perfectly fits your business goals and your users' tastes; so when a user searches in search engines, the user will be directed to your business website.

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