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These days, important events are held daily or recurring basis by people, companies or organizations for various gatherings around the world to meet a special goal. It's obvious that you, as an influencer, want to keep your audience informed about your events and prioritize them as your loyal audience when booking. In many cases, the number of participants who can take part in the event is limited and people need to book their presence at the event. Also, sometimes they have to pay an amount online to complete their booking process, and how much better is it for you to be able to provide the event booking position dynamically in all your social profiles for your audience.

By creating conditions for your audience, LyncMe allows your visitors to easily view and book your events or business menus. Visitors and attendees in your event can come and book their place. They can also pay for the booking and provide more information about themselves. Indeed, LyncMe provides users an easy way to create an event. In this way, applicants can use the feature to participate in their desired events, reach their aims consist of improving their business and communications, find customers or learn a new skill. LyncMe has everything in place to provide easy and complete booking for your events. Finally, you can enter your additional information and surplus in the Event details section.

For this purpose, you should follow the steps as follows:

1- Firstly, You have to activate your LyncMe profile and create an event widget by clicking on the widget blocks.

2- Secondly, you can easily create the desired event by determining the appropriate name for your event and the corresponding cover.

3- Thirdly, you can specify Where the event is taking place in four items: Zoom, clubhouse, in person, other, by clicking on the edit option,

4- Fourthly, you should put your location in Zoom, enter the ZOOM MEETING ID and ZOOM MEETING PASSWORD for more information to make participating available for your audience. If you put your event location by entering the event location and the desired link of your event, you can easily allow your visitors to have the opportunity to reserve your event.

5- Fifthly, if you choose your place in Clubhouse, please enter the URL, Clubhouse. In addition, you can put additional information about your event in it.

6- Finally, if you want the visitor to book these events, enable the bookable option for each eligible item. Make sure you set the required settings for the booking system through Business Setting.

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