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Extensions by LyncMe. Your dynamic link to manage all traffics and leads

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Sarah has just launched her online store and asked her friends to join her in selling products. She has launched a referral platform and wants to give each of her friends a dedicated link with their username and ask them to link to it. Share it with other friends Sarah used to have to create a dedicated link for everyone, save it in the database and give it to her friends, but now she can easily share the entire link by creating just one extension to share with her friends. Now she has a lot of features, more time to spend with her dog, and also access to a reliable platform that can change, modify, or even disable all the links easier than before.

Sometimes you may not get the expected or best possible results you want by spending a lot of money on advertising, and your customers' participation and engagements in surveys, feedback forms, and reviews, and they will not send you emails and feedback on your products as you would like.

You may not consider this, but the appearance of a URL can be very effective in a user's decision to click on it. Links today are an important and indescribable part of the world of the Internet.

Beauty and readability of a short link and being understandable to the user are some of the most important factors for a customer who wants to click on that link.

Users first see the link and interpret it in a few moments, and then decide whether to click on that link or not. Long URL or links that have specific, random characters usually have a much lower chance of clicking.

On average, links that have random characters, such as inviting users to send a review form to a product or referring them to a specific collection in your store, are 35 percent less clickable than links that make the characters look understandable and shorter.

If you want to share a large number of links with your customers in any period of time and invite them to send feedback to your store, or participate in your store activities, or even share a product with their friends, it is best. Use beautiful and short legible links and avoid link shortening services.

We at LyncMe have found a solution to this problem of your business and I call it Extensions.

Extensions in the Mail link will be a very special and unique tool for developing your business and attracting more customers and ultimately increasing your sales significantly.

Extensions are dynamic flexible links that you can set up and share with your customers for a variety of purposes without having to define a specific link for each client individually on a URL shortener service, in which case you will have millions of links and you know that better it will be completely impossible to manage them all.


Suppose you have a referral program and you want to create a dedicated link for each of your affiliates or referral members. They share it and make money from the sale, and for that, you either have to create dedicated links in your database or from other service providers and use link shorteners that allow you to create static links. Produce millions of links. Manage them one by one and share them with your users.

We have solved this problem easily in the link. You can direct all your customers to a link by creating an extension and your favorite format, and you can easily manage that one link on your platform and report all the clicks. See customers, individuals, and users associated with that extension in your user panel


Extensions, in addition to being a great tool for managing dynamic links, allow you to provide beautiful, short, readable links with clear characters to your customers and users, and even your colleagues or followers to ensure that the link will be more secure and easy to share. With Extensions, you can send links via SMS to your customers without having to worry that the number of characters allowed in a text message may cost more. 


Extensions are very powerful management tools that in addition to the general management of the link and you can also activate more options, rules, and features for them, for example for users who enter from a particular country or geographical area, then refer them to one page and other users to other pages

You can create extensions not for users but for each purpose separately with a specific template and pattern, and share them with others without having to worry about changing them for each user.

The template of each extension can be changed at any time and does not need to follow a standard default structure. Suppose you want to allow your users to track their products after sending them. You must have a long link for each user that contains the tracking code. And send the URL address of the shipping company, but you can make the link shorter, more readable and more reliable for the user by creating an extension and matching it with the final destination of the shipping company tracking web page, without having to create a link for each postal package. It means you can give them a real URL for each order to your customer like this //tracking.company.com/store-id/3482364/track-id/37460850 or respect to your customer and let them use this URL with an Extensions and final URL would be like //my.store/t/37460850. This is how Extensions can bring you and your brand more identity and engagements.

All parameters required for tracking will be tracked and tracked in other extensions analysis tools. You can enable Google UTM and Facebook Pixel codes for extensions. Send traffic to oxygen using that parameter and View the result in the panel on your dashboard.

There will be a full report on the performance of each extension on the dashboard. This detailed report will include access to locations, access times, and the user's final exit page.

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