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A starter pack that every FREELANCER should have

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A starter pack that every FREELANCER should have

Leaping and trying to launch a personal brand can be a different but daunting experience.
Questions to ask yourself at the beginning of a task. Where should we start? What tools do we need to keep working?

The purpose of this blog is to help those who want to start a #business so that they can start a business more easily and prepare themselves for the first customer. Also, what they wish to have to start a business, do not spend so much time and follow the paths that have already resulted in a better #start-up.

Among the researches we have done, we have discovered 3 common steps that were useful as a "starter pack" for everyone's success:

1. Separate your professional contact information.
Before contacting the first customer, make sure you have a working phone number and email. Even if you do not already have your first #customer, separate the communication channels of your professional work from your personal channels, you will be very happy with this work later.

that's why:

Start registering with advertising sites in the first few weeks, but make sure you use your professional information, because separating work and life not only gives you peace of mind but also makes you work in any job. Be fruitful!
It also gives you the confidence to know what messages or calls are relevant and personal, so you can respond appropriately.
Do your best from the beginning you look more professional. Just because you do not run a company and equipment does not mean that you can not focus on your image. How you understand everything in your line of work. Showing that you have worked hard to create a specific channel for the customer to communicate with you sends a professional message.

Know that you do not need to buy a new phone to communicate with your customers. Just add a professional line to your existing smartphone! More and more customers expect to be able to communicate with service professionals via SMS. You can also easily create your own professional email and add it to your existing email. While it may be easier to give your email or personal number to potential customers, we've talked to many professionals who wish they could spend a few extra minutes setting up their contact information from scratch to avoid chaos. Be and look more professional

2. Set up a simple #web.
The presence of the #website helps your customers to visit your #products and services at any time and anywhere and to connect with you in social profiles as easily as possible. When you start your business, there are fewer things - the days spent running a complex website and online characters are over.

Many novice #freelancers spend a lot of time trying to get on the web, but most successful solo professionals advise against doing complicated tasks. Platforms like LyncMe allow you to get everything you need to get your site up and running in no time. Default profiles also help you save the most time. You can have a clear description of what you do and the #services you provide on your platform. Also, with this #platform, collect all your social profiles in one space. Try to make the most important parts of your business available to your users. General rule: Imagine your visitors are on your page or social #network for 5 seconds - what do you want to see and do?

3- Facilitate communication with your users.
Referrals are a big part, if the most important part, is how to get a solo career with great #performance. This means that rushing and naming your name among people who already know you are important for early growth.

Do your best to facilitate communication methods with your users. This not only makes you more professional and accessible, but also reassures your users that your site is trustworthy. If you follow these principles, you will not only establish a great start for your business, but it will gradually make you look more justified and professional among all your users.

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