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Home Blog How has the global epidemic affected your business and income.

How has the global epidemic affected your business and income.

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How has the global epidemic affected your business and income.

How has the global epidemic affected your business and income.

Given the Coronavirus epidemic and the impact of global trade, LyncMe is a Minisite platform that developers use to boost their business, grow audiences and find new partners, we wanted to know how to impact our community.

Unemployment is rising
The coronavirus has infected many industries. In many countries, "unnecessary jobs" have been forced to close their doors. Unless you work in a supermarket, hospital, or a flexible DJ company, you may be worried about your job.

Behavior is changing
The world has understood what is happening outside and there is no way out. And to be honest, fortunately, we have reached such a level of technological advancement. LyncMe has tried to make these conditions more acceptable with the facilities it has provided to its users. For example, in the past, when you needed extensive advertising to promote your brand, LyncMe now has the opportunity to optimize advertising as much as possible in these bad economic times with maximum budget savings.

Some jobs are compatible
You will find that reputable businesses are finding ways to attract your product without the need for a finger. Or they completely change their focus. The fashion industry is a great example. Labels were once used to show their clothes. Now, they are testing casual clothing, models are influencing the home, and CGI models have become a social responsibility option.

Even jobs that benefit more people at home have been forced to make fundamental changes. It is interesting to know that LyncMe Minisite has its own function for each job and with the features it has installed, you can make your brand popular even among people at home.
One of its features is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free web analytics service provided by Google that allows you to track ROI for your online marketing. LyncMe gives your users the ability to have a deeper understanding of your customers with Google Analytics Code. Also, you can sift & sort your visitors with dozens of “dimensions” like where they came from, what browser they are using, etc, and with “ Google Analytics Code” like what page they clicked on and what form they submitted.
Other features of LyncMe to improve the status of its users include SEO and Facebook Pixel. We all know how essential these features are to improving the performance of our online business.

What applies to everyone we talk to is not only a sense of anxiety and uncertainty about the road ahead but also an appreciation of the safe spaces in which we are provided and the moments when we are innovating for new users.
LyncMe is committed to staying with its users in these bad economic times when most industries are shutting down so that it can do its utmost to promote your business to the world.

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