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How to grow your business potential

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How to grow your business potential

Attracting a new customer is very costly. So it is better to be able to focus on your potential #customers because their loyalty has proven that these same customers easily attract new customers. Therefore, it is better to do your best to attract the attention of your current customers.

That's why keeping your current customer is so important
Current customer loyalty is one of the main tools to increase a company's sales in the long run. Satisfied customers not only use your business #services more often, but also buy more, show less sensitivity to price changes, show more loyalty to their #business in the event of a problem, and share their experiences online. Share with acquaintances, family and individuals. share. This means that high customer loyalty also attracts the customer.

Retaining a customer is much easier and cheaper than attracting a new customer. This is because customers have more confidence in a company that has had a positive experience in the past. At the same time, if they visit the store several times and shop there, they can easily share their experiences with other people and new customers will be easily attracted to your business without your knowledge.

Tip 1: Be loyal to your potential business customers

Rewards are a simple and effective way to connect with customers that you value for their loyalty as well as to encourage future #purchases. These features range from discount codes to business products and various products such as thank you #cards.

Tip 2: Build trust

We must say that trust is especially important in e-commerce and it is a requirement that a site bears the mark of trust and the seal of approval of well-known authorities. Customers feel safe. This includes TÜV stamps and valid store stamps. You should see these stamps clearly on the home page, subcategories and store, as not all website visits start from the home page.
Research has shown that another way to build trust is with feedback from your former users and customers. They can trust your business more by reading your customers' opinions. But by mistake some brand owners, this feedback option is often omitted for fear of negative reviews. This is a mistake, because satisfied customers are more likely to express dissatisfaction than satisfied customers. In addition, a bad review is always an opportunity to prove that you are taking customer feedback seriously by responding to customer feedback. This greatly enhances the company's reputation while protecting its reputation.

Tip 3: Friendly relationships with customers

Dealing with the customer on a personal and friendly level gives him a positive feeling. This greatly increases sales opportunities. Personalization is one of the major trends in e-commerce. It has been around for years - and its importance is growing over the years. So you can increase the friendly relations with your current customers as much as you can.

Tip 4: Improve customer service

You know that the higher the quality of customer service, the better way to attract customers. The customer will usually contact support services in the event of a problem. This is why one should make every effort to get the customer help and advice immediately, because when it comes to customer loyalty, poor customer service is the last straw. On the other hand, if the support is well #organized, it can mean the difference between losing a current customer or customer satisfaction.
Do your best to keep your site support and support up to date, and also try to save possible questions on your support page, as it may be a question. To be your future customers.
Numerous studies show that response time is one of the most important factors in customer #satisfaction. This fee is for when the customer can receive a reply to their message. At this point, it does not matter if the answer solves the problem.
Another approach is to support the customer through live chat. The advantage is that the conversation is faster than writing an email. It also enables support staff to assist multiple clients simultaneously.

Tip 5: Collect feedback

It is completely unrealistic to believe that you will never lose a customer - even if you do everything right. But the better the #products and services provided, the more likely it is that the customer will move away from your business. When it comes to identifying your weaknesses, you should not expect all customers to give you positive feedback about your business. And you should do your best to take the opportunity if possible and get feedback after each purchase. In some cases, criticism may seem very negative or even unfair, but it should always be taken seriously. After all, it gives you the opportunity to do better in the future, lose fewer customers, and increase your sales in the long run.
Therefore, special attention should be paid to the opinions of dissatisfied customers. You should always kindly ask for a reason and directly thank the customer for coming in to show that you want to improve your service. However, some customers come back in some periods.

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