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HotLinks, Share very unique link with your audiences

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HotLinks, Share very unique link with your audiences

Sarah has an online store and sells perfumes. She wants to send to her customers a unique link as a printed QR, but she had to change the printed QR every time after a while and change the destination of that QR code. Also, she had some concerns about old QR codes, old shares, and old links. What about people who click on old links or scan those ones are expired or never existed. She was right, that's a big problem. How do you handle this?

But she is very happy now until she is using LyncMe Hotlink feature for her business and also she could achieve very affective engagements than before. No worry to change your links anymore. Share with your audiences only one link; forever. Yes, you heard correct. Share a permanent link with your customers, followers, or clients and change the destination easily.

Imagine you want to have a link and send it to your customers, but this link should lead your customers to different and diverse places at different times. Just share a link with your customers and your audience. Don't worry about changing the destination that your customers and audience will encounter and be directed to that page. Hotlinks are the best tool for this. Just imagine how this feature can easily have a fabulous effect on customer engagement and increase your sales dramatically. You will never lose any lead, traffic or requests from your customers or your Instagram followers.


You can share links intelligently with QR codes or statically by text links with your audience, or post them under the emails you send them. You can also share the hosting on social profiles or as a link on Bio Instagram

LyncMe allows you to have a permanent link called HotLink to share it with your customers, audiences, and social media followers, and change the link at any time to your destination without your customers having a different link. Receive or need to change that link

You can change the unlimited number of hot links in your profile and at any time turn any of the links you want into a Hotlink and make sure that your customers will be redirected to that link after making changes. They are smart tools that direct your customers to the final destination in a 302 redirect


Send a QR code for your profile and Hotlinks that you print yourself with your customers with orders, but the destination will change the link from the link control panel. This destination can be a social networking page for your online store or even the web. Be your business site

Hotlinks help you to direct your customers and contacts to a permanent link. You can create a Hotlink without any worries and change its destination in different time periods. Each profile can only have one Hotlink. Have

Hotlinks are one of the best tools for businesses that you can use to guide your customers to a link at any given time.

Hotlinks can also integrate with your QR profile code. You can generate QR Hutling code and share it with your customers and audiences without fear of worrying about expiring any hot links. You can reach your destination at any time. Change and make sure your customers are directed to any link at any time


HotLink tools will give you comprehensive and detailed reports on the number of clicks, the location of users, as well as the geographical location and language of those who clicked on your hosting.

You can define separate and varied features for Hotlinks at any time by specifying the UTM and other desired parameters or tracking codes in other analytics tools for the destination link when users click on the link, then you will be able to track all behaviors and activities.

You can also specify other specifications for Hotlinks in such a way that if your customer enters the hosting from a specific country, they will be referred to one link and if it is entered at another specific time, they will be referred to another link.


HotLink will give you more analytical data and more regular reports. You can now turn any of your profile features into a Hotlink at any time, but you should know that you can only create one hosting in your profile and its access address is always fixed for your profile.


Hotlinks are a great tool for customer service and referral programs and referral programs as well. You can integrate Hotlinks given data with other online tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

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