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How to increase your engagement page on Instagram

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How to increase your engagement page on Instagram

Today, the use of Instagram has gone beyond using only as a display and save of your personal photos and products, and I must say that if you are active in introducing your products and business on Instagram, Instagram can be a powerful tool for growing your business. .
With billions of people working on Instagram, it will create a platform where you can drive return on your investment by promoting your business and increasing communication with your audience.
 But raising your engagement page is not just about engaging your audience. For this you need real communication including comments, sharing, saving and liking. And that interaction is only valuable when it comes to real people - real people who really care.

So know that buying unreal followers and lots of likes will not affect your engagement page and only with the presence of real followers that your page will grow. So as much as you can, use rich content images, valuable texts, useful hashtags, etc. to engage the audience on your page.
Now, with a brief explanation of Instagram engagement, I will tell you how you can increase audience engagement on your page.
What do we think of the Instagram nomination?
Nomination goes beyond having too many comments or followers. It's about measuring your audience's interactions with your content. Only real people will be identified on Instagram and will be involved in measuring engagement.

On Instagram, interact with a range of metrics such as:
Comments, shares, likes, clicks, followers and growth, items mentioned (tagged or unlabeled), branded hashtags, general clicks and DMs.

These types of actions include getting people interested in your content, participating in comments, and sharing your content. Strong interaction is also a key factor in Instagram algorithm. The higher the interaction, the more likely it is that the content in the news feed will increase, resulting in more attention and engagement.
The level of interaction of your page is measured using the level of interaction of your audience and how much you have been able to increase the audience engagement to your page according to the valuable content, relevant hashtags, understandable images, etc. But now here are some solutions to increase your page engagement that you can try even though you get a good return from your page.

1. Identify your audience type
It is very important to know what kind of people you are producing content for. If you do not know this, it will be very difficult for you to produce valuable content. Your audience profile helps a lot in the content you are going to create and leads you to valuable and relevant content. What format and for whom you produce content completely guides you to create humor-based content, management-oriented content or image-centric content.

2. Use posts with multiple images
Instagram posts with multiple image content are a great way to engage with your audience. By creating the content of multiple images, you give yourself a chance. If the content of the original images could not engage the audience, it will give them a second or third chance to make an impact.

Hootsuite's social team found that their carousel posts involved an average of 3.1 times more than regular posts.

3. Validate your page
On Instagram, you can authenticate your business page by creating honest and real content and images. For this purpose, share content beyond your soft and soft marketing campaign to introduce real people and your brand experiences. Not only does this make your audience believe that the real person behind the brand is, but a corner of your experience can be more enjoyable and engaging.
This could mean sharing behind-the-scenes images of your Instagram post, writing a headline that shows a porous humor, or owning any mistakes.

4. Share great pictures
Since Instagram is a visual platform, the quality of the images you publish is very important. So try to choose images for your content that, in addition to expressing the concept, can nail the audience below your post for a few moments.
There are platforms to help you generate content, including the Canva app, which provides an easy way to add text layers or filters to your audience.

5. Create strong and meaningful subtitles
Instagram is a smart platform that quickly detects duplicates and lowers their ranking. To do this, try to create unique and valuable content so that you can engage your audience below the post.
Also, using hashtags can make your content more valuable and attract a large audience from the Instagram search section to your page. I need to say that good subtitles add background and show the personality of your brand.

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