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International Women's Day at LyncMe

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International Women's Day at LyncMe

Every day is a great day to celebrate the amazing women in your life, but International Women's Day gives you an extra reason to do so.
We can all challenge gender bias and inequality. This can mean shouting when we hear a friend say something offensive, or when we see him utter those harmful clichés. It also means challenging the status quo by creating an atmosphere of celebration of women's success.

Traditionally, women have not been more successful than men in the workplace, while most women earn only three-quarters of their male counterparts - but that is only half the story. Over the past 20 years, more women than ever before have chosen to start their own businesses, even surpassing men, and they have grown. The fact is that women can and should have a large presence in the business world. We are pleased to be able to partner with women at LyncMe who are leading the way in their own businesses and have made great strides, and we are pleased to be able to pave the way for their further advancement in global competition.

According to a study by Babson College, jobs with at least one woman in executive positions usually have much higher ratings than companies where all men are in C-level positions. This study highlights the importance of having a woman in business.

One of the great advantages of women, especially in the world of business and management, is that they have a different set of lives and work experiences than men, and therefore have different perspectives. This leads to different opinions, different preferences, and different strategies. In turn, this diversity allows for multidimensional and therefore more comprehensive decision making. Boards with at least one female member take longer to shop with a green light than all-male boards. This is because women are more risk-averse and strategic than men. Although this trend may lead to smaller and/or lower purchases, it also provides more accurate and informed decisions.

Women are the real architects of society. We look forward to meeting more and more women businesses around the world through LyncMe. And we promise them that we will be by their side in all moments of their development.

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