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More features for LyncMe Pro users

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More features for LyncMe Pro users

LyncMe is one of the most successful platforms in terms of superior features over other platforms. This is not our opinion, this is the feedback we have received from our users around the world.

Introducing video and photo links and LyncMe
If you are a LyncMe PRO user, you can now embed the most important video to promote your products in your profile. Instead of clicking on a link to watch your video on another website, visitors can view it directly on your LyncMe!

Oh, and the best part? You can have as many LyncMe movies as you want. We have also enabled this feature for you to publish as many photos as you want, in addition to the image gallery, with a special link to it. This feature shows your users how important this image is to your business.

We should also mention that by posting a video on your LyncMe profile, you can get a lot of people familiar with your business by holding this link. All visits continue to help you. Wherever your video is hosted. This means watching more movies for you!

LyncMe video and photo links
How can I use video links?
Video links are available to all PRO subscribers. By entering the New Block section, you can easily create your video widget, just select the desired name to attract the user to watch this video, then by entering its URL, you can see the creation of this widget on the main page of your profile.

In addition to video links, you can use photo links as well as product stores. This will connect your new audience to the most important parts of your business. Highlight an ongoing campaign by placing a video link on top of your LyncMe.
You may want to leave a few videos in a row of how to order, how to join the site, and the quality of products for people who are new to your business and attract new visitors with the highest performance of your content. Fortunately, the widgets in LyncMe have no There is no limit. So build your LyncMe right now.

Ready to become a LyncMe PRO?
Register now.
After creating your LyncMe profile, from the toolbar created at the top of the page, select the New Upgrade option. A page opens where LyncMe helps you activate your Pro profile. From now on you can use all the features of LyncMe Pro.
We are here to put your pure ideas into action to make your business more visible.

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