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Make better decisions based on your account statistics.

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Make better decisions based on your account statistics.

Audiences and customers are the core of a business. They pay an essential role in your business progress and without a customer, your business has no credit. In order to control customers of your business at any time and then make a plan for their future, you need a platform that can monitor them at any time when they browse on the internet. It is clear that social media sites and profiles alone do not guarantee to boost your online marketing. But if it is used based on Google's recommendations, it can promote your search engine or SEO program.

The increase of your followers relies on knowing them noticeably. For example, considering their age group and gender are certainly important since you can satisfy them considerably according to their tastes and desires. With Google Analytics, you can find important information about the applicant and customers who visit your site. You can also consider links and posts which engage your visitors and then use such links and posts to further improve your site. For instance, when a product has attracted your audiences' attraction, you can use that product for advertising your posts, and also identify your customers' tastes and produce their desired products. Google Analytics helps you target your business plan and move toward success as soon as possible.

Now you can easily access it by linking your social platforms to Google Analytics. LyncMe provides suitable conditions for you as a business manager to analyze your audience on your microsite and to monitor them on social media at any time. We offer you this feature freely that means it is available for all users. You can have all the analytics data for your profile, including top devices, browsers, and countries country in which your account is popular.

You can learn more about this by creating a user account and logging in to your account panel. Then you should click on the user menu and click "Insights". You will see all the basic data with some comprehensive visual charts.

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