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Promote your business with a professional profile

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Promote your business with a professional profile

When you are on social media as an influencer, small business, or educator, although social media is very powerful in showing your information and content to other people. But you only have 24 hours a day - so how do you give each of your social media accounts the time they need?


Professional profiles will help you in such cases. Because you can easily put all the links of your social profiles on one page and increase the ranking of your profile in search engines.

but how? Today we are going to tell you how social profile links help you to increase your professional profile ranking.


You create content that people are looking for and search engines. Search engines understand it and display results. But these features alone do not mean ranking them. To surpass other sites in global competition, you must increase the authority of your professional profile. This can be achieved by linking your social profile links to your professional profile.


In addition to the links on social media, you can add countless rich links to your professional profiles. By creating additional links, you allow search engines to find out what content is relevant to your site and determine the value of that content. Strategic internal linking is an SEO power technique. The more links an important page has, the more important it becomes to search engines.


Professional profiles allow you to link backlinks that you have created in your profile to other pages. Not all links are intentionally made by SEOs or marketers. Many of them for various reasons such as the influencer who publishes his content and links to a source, or the small business that publishes the discount code of its products on discount sites and its professional profile to another source Links or instructor who links his teachings to different sites.


Professional profiles like LyncMe allow you to not only add all your social media links to them but also allow you to create a myriad of different links. These links increase your profile on social media, in addition, you can add a number of different audio, video, and text content that will be much more effective in ranking your profile.


LyncMe is a powerful professional profile that helps you increase the ranking of your content both on your social media and on your other links. By doing this, you can easily get the best results with the limited amount of energy you have in 24 hours.

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