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How to sell your product and earn money through Instagram

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How to sell your product and earn money through Instagram

Since you introduced your #business on #Instagram, it was time to make money from this powerful application again. Instagram is a force of nature. In less than 7 years, it has become one of the best social media platforms. In the last two years, it has rapidly doubled its number of users to 700 million. Its growth has exploded since the launch of Instagram Stories in August 2016. It just shows how people respond to simple, intuitive materials. The audience is more interested in Instagram than before, which shows that you can easily use this application if you introduce your business.

1. Reach and influence
After starting your business on Instagram, you should pay special attention to the fact that your Instagram is attractive and reliable enough for the #audience to tell themselves that they pay a Instagram user like you? And have enough reason to do so.
Your posts should be so expressive of your #services and products that you hope people will buy your products and services by dealing with your posts and become your loyal audience. Instagram is generous with sending your post to more of your fans' feeds. If you post at the right time and use the hashtag (discussed in detail in previous blogs), then your organic access will be higher than other social media platforms. But what if you only have a few hundred Instagram #followers to start with? Your potential audience is small. Despite the small sample space, many people do not see your content, let alone increase the sales of your products or a brand. That's why you definitely need several thousand followers to monetize the operating system. So just creating a random account and gathering a few thousand followers alone is not enough. You need to become an attractive Instagram character.

2. Engage with your audience
The more followers you have, the more credit your business will have. Surely, more followers will strengthen your ego. Even mathematically, it increases your chances of appearing in more Instagram feeds. More communication with your audience will increase your activity on Instagram and you will be at the top of the search for new audiences. Try to see how much credibility and number of comments you can get in the last few posts by engaging among your users' comments in the next posts. Now, realize that even if you have 1000 followers to engage with in your profile, you can make money. Know that engaging with users and commenting on them will gain the trust of new audiences and ultimately attract them.

3. Use the relevant hashtags with each post and show your ingenuity in the subtitles.
Hashtags have a huge impact on the visibility of posts and therefore your business. #Hashtags have been around on social media platforms since 2007 to cluster posts with a similar theme. And they work very well on Instagram. This platform allows you to add 30 hashtag posts (too many) per post. Use 15 to 20 business-related hashtags in your posts to make your post and #business more visible to users. You can even use hashtags in your text that in addition to emphasizing those words in your text will cause you to have unique hashtags in each post.

4. Improve the quality of your content
Your content should allow the audience to become more familiar with aspects of your business. The more powerful the content of your posts, the more engaging the audience will be. Since Instagram has stopped displaying content in chronological order, you can not escape by sending #mediocre content. There is a lot of competition in this operating system. Avoid low quality images: Because this is a visual platform, so blurry, moodless images can not cut.
Also avoid duplicate product areas: People use Instagram to get a visual taste of their friends and family. They also want to see the credibility of brands, not be bombarded with advertising offers.

5. Stand out by producing video content
Video content makes your audience more familiar with your business than photo content. This is an opportunity for you because #videos generate more comments (average 767) than photos (average 373). Videos are an enrichment format for visual communication. This is a great way to add muscle to your storytelling. Instagram allows users to submit a maximum of 60 videos. So it is better to use a clip to give them more of your business, even if it is a #post.

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