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When you links come up with LyncMe you get more than just a set of modern links and management platform. We work to enhance the full customer experiences and gather all your valuable links into one and lets managing all links easier and smoother than ever.
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LyncMe is a all-in-one platform incl. every single of what you need to manage your personal or business links. Our platform covers all your needs with dozes of available features

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Make your free public profile and you may use LyncMe to manage all your other links. Connect all your social and working links into one and share one profile page rather than several links with your friends. Let your friends find you anywhere. Register Now →
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Artist & Blogger

Make your free public profile, share it with your followers and post the link into your social profile bio. Share your videos and media much easier than before and connect all your followers to all platform your works are visible there. Register Now →
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Teams & Colleagues

Make a public or even Private* profile and share all your links with Link Notes* and let your teammates find what you are exactly posting and following. Share all credentials for those common websites you are using together in a password protected or in a private profile. Never miss a chance to lose your links. Register Now →
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Influencer & Celebrity

Make your official profile on LyncMe and share it with your audiences. Let them follow all your other works on Pinterest, Instagram, or anywhere else. Give them this opportunity to follow you on your all social profiles as well. Lead all traffic into one page and increase all your social profile followers and user engagement significantly Register Now →
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Company or Brand

Let your customers find you anywhere. Share beautiful branded short links with your clients and never miss a chance to encourage them to contribute more to your brand activities. Manage all your affiliate links with Extensions and share one permanent link as HotLink and promote your new sales anytime with it. Increase your sales and conversations, stop returning items and manage all your social links Register Now →
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Marketing Manager

Make a list of all your daily links into a private profile. Add notes to remember the tasks and share your password-protected or private profiles with your clients. Share your professional profile and give employers to follow your leads, works, portfolios, and download to your latest CV resume. Collect your clients' emails and phones to improve marketing strategies Register Now →

Get More Engagement with All Your Social Profiles and LyncMe Analytics & Reports

Figure out what are your audiences looking for and how you can encourage them by giving them right content and lead your followers to several other places

Make your business more visible by gathering all your other social links into one and manage all your branded links into one powerful platform. Avoid sharing ugly long url with your customers and make your identity more visible.
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Keep One Unique Profile Forever

Let your smooth profiles speak for you

Your Profile On Facebook
Increase chance of visibility on Facebook by sharing your LyncMe profile and let your audiences find you anywhere

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Your Profile On Instagram
Share your awesome profile on Instagram bio and get higher of visibility and let your followers find you anywhere

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Your Profile On Linkedin
Increase chance of availability on Linkedin by sharing your LyncMe profile and let your connections find you anywhere

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Your Business Profile
Increase chance of visibility on Facebook by sharing your LyncMe profile and let your audiences find you anywhere

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Let us make links management smoother & enjoyable

Personal Solutions

Free & Premium!

One Static Profile
Limited Personal Links
Custom Username & URL
Custom colors styles
Modify Links
Premium Themes
Add & Follow People
Find Your Friends
Images as links
Social Custom Icons Get Start For Free

Business Solutions

Advanced Features Ever

Unlimited Personal Links
Custom Username & URL
Priority support
Premium themes
Remove Lync Branding
Breakdown of link traffic
Custom colors styles
Modify Links
Scheduled posts
Retarget your Lync visitors
Social Analytics (FB Pixel ID)
Google Analytics
UTM Parameters
Unlimited sub-links
Social custom buttons
Advanced blocks and widgets
Customisable spotlight button
Generate QR codes
Order QR stickers by post
Themes and customisations
Instagram gallery
Newsletter capture
Appointment scheduling
Connect a domain
Traffic and link reports
UTM presets
24/7 priority support
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LyncMe was founded in Tallinn, Estonia and is Europe's most valued private tech company. We offer not only for individual clients, but also for any type of business and brands to lead their audiences based on their behavior or gender or even their location. LyncMe offers you to gather all your other links into one. It allows our customers to share more, sell more and have everything more than one ;)

> 5.4M Over 5 million links are redirected to their own destinations by our services. We have already experienced smooth optimization of redirection. More than several thousands redirection per day means many business prefer to leads their audiences through LyncMe.
> 2.9K More than 2000 business and brands are using LyncMe as their own platform to manage their links and transfer their customers and clients to where they belong to based on their nation, location or their favorites.
> 100K More than 100K users that they are scan QR codes and share their active profiles to give themselves audiences to get all other profiles together and they are still using LyncMe so far.

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