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Create & set up your free profile in less than 30 seconds.

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Create & add functional unlimited blocks & set the preferences for each.

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Share your unique profile on your social media & invite your audiences.

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Create events & invite people, sell your items & digital products, showcase your latest portfolio or share your useful links & content with people who are interested in your activity.

Create & Share Events

Create your online courses & events, share it with your students & sell tickets.
Private Profiles
Make your profile private to let a specific group of people, or maybe your friends, or who you allow to see your profile, follow your activities and engage with your content.

Find Sponsors

Setup your profile & add a "Sponsor button" to allow people who are visiting you, can support you. Make it possible for those ones who like to be your works' sponsor. Allow them to that.

Development Settings

You have this ability to create your profile as a developer, adding your own Facebook pixel or Google analytics code to track and see your profile visitors behavior.


People & visitors can connect to your profile, save it & follow your activities by "Connect" feature we provide. You can create your own community & allow people to have your account in their list to find your services upon update & new-release.

Online Store

Setup your profile & create a simple small digital online store to list all your digital products & categorize them. In your profile online store people can order via a simple order form. You can add your checkout URL page or leave it to checking out by Stripe.

Create Your CV

Create your free profile & display it as your professional resume. Display your working data & experiences with responsive & flexible blocks. Share your profile for jobs instead of sharing a PDF.

Custom Apperances

Customize your profile appearance as you would like to display. Choose your favorite font, color schema & a very decent template to make the profile look as you like.

Account Analysis

You can see & monitor all visitors activities & behavior who visited your profile. LyncMe provides you a full report for each clicked link & also a comprehensive analytics data about your profile visitors.

Custom Domain

Connect your custom domain like to your profile to make more trust for your audiences to see your profile more professional than before. Simple order a domain & connect it to your profile to remove our branding.

Your Small Cinema

Create your free profile, add video blocks & link all your videos from Youtube & Vimeo to be displayed in your cienam-profile. Share one link with your audiences who are following your motion works.

Spotlight Button

Make one essential action as spotlight to encourage your visitors focus more on the action. Link the "Spotlight button" to your online shop, ask them to call you or to your booking appointment app.

Booking Appointments

Via our simple & useful booking system, you will be able to make a list of all your services & products & allow people to book your services by leaving their details and filling up the online form. All booking requests are available to come to action via your dashboard.

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