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Business and Enterprise Accounts

Nov 14 2018
Default Domain

Recently we just added feature as Default Domain for all your domain names. You can enter one default domain when you are adding one. It must be a required field because we need to redirect users to somewhere if they enter a wrong slashtag or even when a link is expired.


Nov 09 2018
Our New Global Public Domain

We are going to announce our new brand domain is available for all enterprise users. You can make your short links without any custom domain through domain which is available for all users in create new link form. This domain is accessible from all accounts so please be noted your slashtag still need to be unique.


Nov 01 2018
Report & Live Data

At your dashboard you can see some summary of statics and clicks report for all links. We just make it Live. So all these data will be live and real-time. If anything or any action happened in your account such as a new click or your teammate make another link you will see result and count number without refresh the page.


Oct 29 2018
Auto Slashtag Generator

By this feature, LyncMe will suggest a random slashtag which is available to create. However after suggestation you still can modify the slashtag with your own and check if it was available (must be unique) you can use that.


Oct, 20th 2018
New UTM Builder

A new version of LyncMe UTM Builder! With just a single click you can easily add UTM parameters to the destination URL, keeping your branded links looking clean and tidy. It also includes templates, so you don't have to add new parameters every time. Read more


Oct 12th, 2018
2FA Optimization

2FA (Two Factor Authentication) adds an extra layer of security to your account by requiring an extra verification stop on login. 2FA protects your account by making it more difficult for an attacker to access. LyncMe 2FA supports the use of an authenticator app or the backup codes created when enabling.


Oct 9th, 2018
Editing Slashtags 

You've always been free to edit the destination URL of your branded links, but now users can change their slashtags (URL slugs) too! Changing the slashtag will clear any click stats for the branded link, but it makes quick changes and fixing mistakes at the moment of link creation really simple.

Personal Accounts


Jan 4th, 2020
Custom Domain

From now, you will able to set your custom domains and access to your profile by your own domain. You may use Extension services with your brand domain as well. To do this, make sure you are using Enterprise accounts and go to Developer page and enter your custom domain. You can follow the instructions to do it correctly.



Aug 31th, 2018
Custom appearances settings

From now, you will able to set your custom background for your profile page or remove and modify it anytime. Also you can set a custom values for margins and paddings of buttons. You will able to set custom theme for all elements either.


Aug 22th, 2018
Analytics codes

If you want to track and have a custom counter and analytics tools you can add your own Google analytics code or even Facebook Pixel ID. These codes will be fired every time your profile page is recall.


Jul 19th, 2018
Scheduled posts

By this feature you will able to make schedule for your links based on anywhere time. Your links only will be visible for specific times you set. You can manage them and change times anytime or use a different time for start and end of showing


Jul 9th, 2018
Clicks Report

You will access to a full reports of clicks on each links through your dashboard. All reports and clicks are generated with all required available details such as IP, browser and time.


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