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  • How to build a brand that people like
    1. Discover the purpose of your #brand.Every successful and world-famous brand has a different goal behind other competitors, and you should be the same for a strong start. This is what you wake up to every day and want to do for others (and the world) through your product or #service. Set a goal that is completely clear and transparent, and the questions you should ask yourself when setting a bra
  • How to sell your product and earn money through Instagram
    Since you introduced your #business on #Instagram, it was time to make money from this powerful application again. Instagram is a force of nature. In less than 7 years, it has become one of the best social media platforms. In the last two years, it has rapidly doubled its number of users to 700 million. Its growth has exploded since the launch of Instagram Stories in August 2016. It just shows how
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