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  • LyncMe for every position and job
    Few people on the Internet have an entrepreneurial spirit as well as influential people. Combining social interaction and creativity with digital smartphones, influencers are at the forefront of some of the most exciting things happening on the Internet right now.LyncMe Social SymbolsWe are fortunate to host many of the best influencers in the world as part of LyncMe Members. #LyncMe has created a
  • A few things you need to attract better customers
    Help! I need better customers.The ones I never have enough budget. They do not value my creative services, they constantly deal with me and ask them to pay more than they can afford. 1. The right mindset.If your service is confident in the quality and creativity of your product then there is no room for negative thinking. You know the wrong mindset. It seems like this: "They do not want to hear an
  • How to discover your personal brand
    Both online and offline, we all have trademarks.From the moment you meet someone, they immediately start commenting on you and can quickly find their expectations and depend on you. Knowing this, the key to the "personal brand" puzzle is clear. If you know where you stand, you can use the tools available today to guide others to create a clearer picture of "Brand You".Focus on what you want. You n
  • International Women's Day at LyncMe
    Every day is a great day to celebrate the amazing women in your life, but International Women's Day gives you an extra reason to do so.We can all challenge gender bias and inequality. This can mean shouting when we hear a friend say something offensive, or when we see him utter those harmful clichés. It also means challenging the status quo by creating an atmosphere of celebration of women'
  • How to promote your business worldwide?
    The first step in launching businesses around the world is to spread advertising. You know that your customers are the credentials of your business.Identify your audience and learn how to turn them into customers.To do this, you must always be active on all social profiles and keep them up to date. You know that your customers can be of any taste. You just have to be more discriminating with the h
  • More features for LyncMe Pro users
    LyncMe is one of the most successful platforms in terms of superior features over other platforms. This is not our opinion, this is the feedback we have received from our users around the world.Introducing video and photo links and LyncMe If you are a LyncMe PRO user, you can now embed the most important video to promote your products in your profile. Instead of clicking on a link to watch your vi
  • Why do I want to start a small business?
    First things first ... What is the idea of ​​deciding to take the first step in starting a business? What is your "why" to achieve this? Most importantly, do your jobs (products or services) solve a problem? And while we're here, we'll give you a tip - make sure this new investment is something you're interested in doing and solving for your clients. Your passion (your reason) will really be t
  • Boost your online conversion as coronavirus spreads
    Due to the spread of the coronavirus, we see that several thousand industries are going bankrupt and closing down. The sophistication of online sales channels and noise reduction has never been more important. We are here to show you how it works.Social media is now your best friend. Home consumers and the news spend more time on social channels communicating in their lonely lives. Each of the soc
  • How has the global epidemic affected your business and income.
    How has the global epidemic affected your business and income. Given the Coronavirus epidemic and the impact of global trade, LyncMe is a Minisite platform that developers use to boost their business, grow audiences and find new partners, we wanted to know how to impact our community.Unemployment is risingThe coronavirus has infected many industries. In many countries, "unnecessary jobs" have bee
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