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  • How to add a LyncMe to your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook bio
    For example, Instagram has let the ability for its users to add a limited link on their Instagram bios and all of the users can access the feature.This feature will allow you to use your LyncMe to drive your Instagram audience to new content, other social profiles, products, brand partnerships, your business, and more. An Instagram Profile with a LyncMe link.First of all, you should note that
  • Tips for growing your performance online
    When entering a highly competitive global marketplace, always remember that to succeed in this path, you must use all the tools of advertising, high-quality products, planning, management, and so on. Amazing work has been done in our community - over the past few weeks at LyncMe we have introduced significant features to all users, including SEO. And we are committed to being by your side and h
  • The social media link in bio
    Most social media channels make it simple to include links in your bio. LinkedIn allows you to link to your employer’s official page; Twitter offers the option to tag other handles in your bio. Facebook also provides a way of tagging interest pages, businesses and other people in your “About” section.Instagram is the most complex when it comes to the link in bio, and the most com
  • Extensions by LyncMe. Your dynamic link to manage all traffics and leads
      Sarah has just launched her online store and asked her friends to join her in selling products. She has launched a referral platform and wants to give each of her friends a dedicated link with their username and ask them to link to it. Share it with other friends Sarah used to have to create a dedicated link for everyone, save it in the database and give it to her friends, but now she can
  • HotLinks, Share very unique link with your audiences
    Sarah has an online store and sells perfumes. She wants to send to her customers a unique link as a printed QR, but she had to change the printed QR every time after a while and change the destination of that QR code. Also, she had some concerns about old QR codes, old shares, and old links. What about people who click on old links or scan those ones are expired or never existed. She was right, th
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