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LyncMe let you to experience new way and using better solution to improve your visibility and identity on your all social networks like Instagram.

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Your Super Micro-Site

Get rid of many troubles and make your own minisite quickly

You can create a profile on LyncMe instead of having a lot of trouble building a great website.   Solve all your needs by using LyncMe such as refer your customers to the website and create content for your audience.

By creating a profile on the May link, you will have a minisite that has the ability to create an image gallery, share your social network links with others, and make it easy for your audience to communicate with you.

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micro website unique profile lyncme
micro website unique profile lyncme
LyncMe gives you the ability to easily share all the content for your users, customers, or audience needs to know about you or your business.

You do not need any specialized knowledge for the minisite site in Link, and all you have to do is set up your profile in less than 5 minutes by subscribing for free and choosing a username.

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Increase the Visibility

Let your friends, your customers & your followers find you anywhere

Many social media marketers launch their campaigns with the aim to drive engagement and send leads to a product page or website. When people find a brand on social media and decide they want to learn more, they use the link in that company’s bio to begin their search.

Bio on social media is a place where organizations, influencers and individuals share essential information about themselves. The bio may contain details about the nature of the business, what it sells and contact information.

The “link in bio” is the clickable URL that visitors use to visit what you deem to be your most valuable online real-estate. For some it’s a product page, for others it’s a landing page or “about us” section.

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micro website unique profile lyncme
micro website unique profile lyncme

Get More Traffic from Social Networks

Supercharge potential of your social profiles by redirect all traffic to your profile

Share more than one link in your social profiles and get more leads, engagements and traffic for your business or use it for all your personal other profiles. Link individual Instagram posts to specific articles, websites, videos & more
Add multiple links to one Instagram post STANDARD and Ensure your followers can find what they’re looking for while scrolling through your feed.

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A very simple way to go

How to start and create your profile, your micro website in less than 5 minutes and 7 steps

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1. Register and choose your desired username

2. Choose a proper theme and color style.

3. Change fonts, imagery, and margins with the built-in style kit.

4. Preview your responsive web design on mobile devices.

5. Create your first link, widget or block.

6. Add a custom domain to your LyncMe profile.

7. Earn more and share your profile with everyone :)

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Get all premium features, access to all widgets & blocks, create your minisite for free.
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